Excelling in Sports, Excelling in Life

Here at Boom we know Everyone loves Sports, but everyone Needs Food. Local, fresh produce is how we keep our bodies healthy and it is becoming a hard thing to come by.
We believe teaching a child to play sports is beneficial for a child’s development, but teaching a child to grow food can keep them on the healthy train their entire lives.

We are living in a day where humans don’t have a relationship with their food anymore. We are here to change that. Boom Gardening provides instruction in the garden, worksheets, hands on-learning in daycare centers along with weekend workshops to help families in Colorado learn more about gardening and how to grow food in their own back yard.

Contact us if you would like to add a Boom Permaculture Garden Program to your school or location@ traci.mitchell@aboomlife.com

Contact us to create your own Food Garden in your backyard: boompermagardens@aboomlife.com

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Pictured Above: Parker Landing Child Development Center Garden Beds 2016
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Boom Garden's Rewards! Now that's a lot of Kale and Swiss chard, Coach Guy and Coach Traci are the Gardener's too!
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