Excelling in Sports, Excelling in Life

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“If every child learns to meditate, we would have world peace in a generations time.”
-Dalai Lama

Boom Yoga News Board:

trial class for New Boom Yoga kids!

Colorado Locations:
- Tuesday's @ Parker Fieldhouse 4:30-5:30pm ages 3-13yrs

Other Boom Yoga Locations: The Goddard Preschool - Meridian Location and Parker Landing Child Development Center

boomsports@icloud.com to reserve your child’s spot.

Please contact us if you would like to see Boom Yoga at your facility! 970-279-1787 or

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Why is Yoga Good For Kids?

Enhances Concentration and Focus
When your Child Gets into Asanas or postures of yoga, their concentration will automatically improve

Teaches Mind Relaxation
It’s Natural for kids to get irritated fast, Yoga helps with de-stressing and releasing their perplexed minds.
Learning to relax the mind will help them deal with day-to-day struggles.

Promotes Self Awareness
Boom Yoga teaching kids mindful movements and peaceful actions.
Yoga makes them aware of their bodies and breathing; they learn to control their emotions and encourages mindfulness
i.e. if they are angry or upset outside of class they learn to calm down their mind all by themselves

Boosts Confidence and social skills
Yoga helps them gain flexibility in their attitude which boosts their Self-confidence. Yoga teaches self-calming and self-controlling techniques that will be useful throughout their life. Promotes a happy and healthy attitude.

Improves Overall Well-being of Child
Movements in Yoga, tones and strengthens muscles, teaches balance and coordination, reduces stress, naturally increases flexibility and promotes steady, stable breathing. Kids who practice yoga feel happier, healthier and have the ability to carry a sense of inner-peace in their daily life and become more compassionate individuals. Plus Yoga grounds us in our bodies, it’s fun and the benefits of getting your child involved in yoga goes on and on.

Do a free trial class today!

Boom Yoga Kids Ages 3-12:
We use story-telling to help kids understand the purpose of their practice adding age appropriate mantras & asanas.

As the age groups advance the classes are more focused

All Boom Yoga Classes incorporate Pranayama Breathing Exercises along with active movements, and games.

Progressing into class we do different sequences
i.e. Sun salutations
stress releasing poses
mind over body poses
restorative poses
Pratyahara (looking inward)
Dhyana or meditation

We wrap up each class with time for mind, body, & soul reflection.
Our class always ends with wind down time or Sivasana’s & we use fun themed curriculum to keep the kids engaged the entire hour.

Using Mindful Mantras during our Boom Yoga Classes:

Each week we encourage each Child to find their Mantra to help them find their inner spiritual essence/power.

OM - The universal sound
I am thankful.
I am Love
I am Strong
I am Peaceful
Think Before you speak.
Respect and help others.
Work Hard.
Give back
Love heals.
Think for yourself.
Om Namah Shivaya - You are My sunshine

List of Yoga Books for Kids:
The ABCs of Yoga for Kids by Teresa Anne Power
You are a Lion
Roaring Rockets
My Daddy is a Pretzel by Baron Baptiste
Planting Seeds Practicing Mindfulness w/ Children by Thich Nhat Hanh